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Upgrade your space, whether it’s your home or workplace. Estatech is your one-stop shop for transforming environments with smart technology, integrating security, automation, solar energy, and robust network connectivity.


Engineering and Technology Consultancy

Leverage our expertise in engineering and technology for strategic advice, system optimization, and problem-solving across diverse industries.

  • Needs Assessment: In-depth analysis of your current systems, challenges, and goals.
  • Technology Recommendations: Expert advice on appropriate hardware, software, and emerging technologies.
  • System Optimization Strategies: Plans for improving efficiency, performance, and cost-effectiveness of existing systems.
  • Problem-solving Support: Troubleshooting complex technical issues and providing solutions.
  • Project Planning Assistance: Guidance on project timelines, budgeting, and resource allocation.

Engineering Designs

We provide comprehensive technical engineering designs for residential, commercial, and industrial projects, ensuring compliance with ASEAN and APEC Engineering standards, energy efficiency, and safety codes.

  • Schematic Diagrams: Detailed electrical circuit designs adhering to codes and standards.
  • System Layout Plans: Placement of electrical components, wiring, and equipment.
  • Specifications and Calculations: Material lists, load calculations, and performance specifications.
  • Code Compliance Review: Ensuring designs meet local and national electrical codes.
  • Coordination with Other Disciplines: Collaboration with architects, mechanical engineers, etc. 

System Installation

Guarantee seamless implementation and optimal performance with our expert system installation and commissioning services. We verify functionality, integrate components, and calibrate systems to meet your exact specifications.

  • Equipment Procurement: Sourcing and ordering required components (if not client-provided)
  • Wiring and Cabling: Professional installation according to design plans.
  • Mounting and Termination: Secure installation of devices, panels, and connections.
  • Testing and Commissioning: Verification of functionality and system calibration.
  • User Training: Guidance on system operation and basic maintenance.

Everything you need in one package.

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Home and Building Automation

Experience Seamless Control of Your Space with Estatech’s Home and Building Automation Solutions

Transform your home or business into a smart haven of convenience, security, and efficiency with Estatech’s industry-leading technology solutions. Our comprehensive suite of home and building automation services in Canada and the Philippines empowers you to control everything from lighting, climate, and entertainment to security and access – all from a user-friendly interface.

Smart Home Automation

    • Simplify your daily routine with voice-activated controls for lighting, thermostats, and entertainment systems.
    • Enhance comfort and energy savings with automated climate control solutions.
    • Experience peace of mind with smart security systems that integrate seamlessly with your automation setup.
  • Smart Building Automation:
    • Improve operational efficiency and occupant comfort in commercial buildings and industrial facilities.
    • Optimize energy usage with intelligent lighting and HVAC systems.
    • Enhance security measures with integrated access control and surveillance systems.

Solar PV System​

Harness Unlimited Energy with Estatech’s Solar PV Systems

Cut your reliance on traditional energy sources and make a positive environmental impact with Estatech’s solar PV solutions. We design and install customized solar panel systems for homes and businesses in [location, e.g., Canada and the Philippines], helping you harness the boundless power of the sun.

Benefits of Solar Power with Estatech

  • Slash Your Energy Bills: Lower your monthly electricity costs and reduce dependence on fluctuating energy prices.
  • Boost Sustainability: Embrace clean, renewable energy and minimize your carbon footprint.
  • Gain Energy Independence: Increase your energy resilience and potentially achieve off-grid capabilities.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our experts analyze your needs for a system that maximizes output and return on investment.
  • Comprehensive Service: We manage design, permitting, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Safety and Security Systems (CCTV and Fire Detection and Alarm System)​

Estatech: Your Partner in Comprehensive Safety and Security

Shield your home or business from potential threats with Estatech’s state-of-the-art security solutions. We specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining advanced CCTV surveillance systems, integrated with cutting-edge fire detection and alarm systems for unparalleled peace of mind.

Protect What Matters Most

  • Proactive Security: Deter crime, monitor activity, and gather vital evidence with high-resolution CCTV systems tailored to your property.
  • Early Fire Detection: Minimize damage and protect lives with intelligent fire alarms and detection systems designed for rapid response.
  • Integrated Protection: Our systems seamlessly work together, providing centralized alerts and remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Maximize Investment: We ensure proper installation, calibration, and ongoing maintenance for optimal system performance.
  • Customized Solutions: Enjoy a security solution designed to meet the unique needs of your residential or commercial space.

Network Infrastructure (WiFi, Local Area Network, Intercom)​

Experience Seamless Connectivity with Estatech’s Network Infrastructure Solutions

Upgrade your network infrastructure and unlock the full potential of your connected devices with Estatech. We specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining robust WiFi, Local Area Networks (LANs), and intercom systems for homes, businesses, and commercial spaces throughout [location, e.g., Canada and the Philippines].

Benefits of Estatech’s Network Solutions:

  • Unmatched Reliability: Ensure a stable, always-on network backbone for all your devices and internet-based services.
  • Blazing-Fast Speeds: Eliminate buffering, lag, and dead zones with strategically designed WiFi networks and high-performance cabling.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Empower your workforce with seamless communication and collaboration tools.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Our solutions grow with your needs, easily accommodating expansions and upgrades.
  • Intercom Systems: Streamline internal communication with modern, feature-rich intercom solutions.

Structured Cabling​

Build a Foundation for the Future with Estatech’s Structured Cabling Solutions

Ensure reliable connectivity and prepare your space for technological advancements with Estatech’s professionally designed and installed structured cabling systems. We support seamless data, voice, and video transmission across homes, offices, and commercial spaces throughout [location, e.g., Canada and the Philippines].

Benefits of Estatech’s Structured Cabling:

  • Future-Proof Investment: A well-designed structured cabling system adapts to changing technologies, minimizing future upgrade costs.
  • Enhanced Network Performance: Eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks and support high-speed communication for optimal productivity.
  • Organized and Efficient Setup: Streamline network management and reduce clutter with a properly planned cabling infrastructure.
  • Support for Diverse Systems: Our solutions accommodate data networks, VoIP phone systems, security cameras, and audio/video distribution.
  • Compliance Expertise: We design and install cabling systems that adhere to industry standards and local codes.

Audio/Video Systems​

Transform Your Space with Estatech’s Immersive Audio/Video Solutions

Experience the ultimate in audio and visual entertainment with Estatech’s customized design and installation services. We transform homes, businesses, and commercial spaces throughout [location, e.g., Canada and the Philippines] with cutting-edge audio and video systems.

Elevate Your Entertainment and Communication

  • Cinematic Home Theaters: Immerse yourself in your favorite movies and shows with expertly designed home theater systems.
  • Crystal-Clear Audio: Enjoy room-filling sound with high-performance speakers strategically placed for optimal acoustics.
  • Vibrant Visuals: Choose from premium high-definition displays or projection systems for a stunning viewing experience.
  • Upgrade Conference Rooms: Enhance collaboration and presentations with advanced audio/video technology solutions.
  • Commercial Installations: Attract and engage customers with impactful digital signage and audio systems across your commercial space.

Home and Building Automation

Experience seamless control of lighting, room temperature, security, and entertainment with our smart home and building automation solutions. Enhance comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

Solar PV System

Harness the power of the sun with our custom-designed solar PV systems for homes and businesses. Reduce energy bills, increase sustainability, and gain energy independence.

Safety and Security Systems (CCTV and Fire Detection and Alarm System)

Protect your property with state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance, fire detection, and alarm systems. We design, install, and maintain systems for peace of mind.

Network Infrastructure (WiFi, Local Area Network, Intercom)

Optimize connectivity with our robust WiFi, LAN, and intercom solutions. We ensure reliable, high-speed networks for homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

Structured Cabling

Future-proof your space with expert structured cabling installations. We support data, voice, and video networks for seamless communication and efficiency.

Audio/Video Systems

Enjoy immersive entertainment experiences with our custom audio/video system design and installation services. Elevate your home theater, conference rooms, or commercial spaces.

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Our process typically includes:

  1. Consultation: Understanding your needs and goals.
  2. Site Assessment: Evaluating your space and requirements.
  3. Design: Creating a detailed plan tailored to your needs.
  4. Installation: Professional installation by our certified technicians.
  5. Commissioning: Testing and calibration for optimal performance.
  6. Training: Teaching you how to use your new system.

We can integrate a wide range of devices, including lighting, thermostats, locks, security systems, entertainment systems, and more.

Yes, most systems offer smartphone or tablet apps for remote control. (Internet Connection Required).